This is a small sample of the lesson plans we teach in classrooms. There’s more! If you’d like to book a poet for your school, please email us

Self-Portrait Poems

(Grades 9–12)
This poetry lesson shines a light on each student’s personal story. During the lesson, students will learn the impact of the written word, and realize that their voice matters. During the experience, they will write two poems using guided prompts. At the end of the lesson, students will have the opportunity to share their work.

Write About What You See!

(Grades 6-9)
Ekphrastic poems are a common tool used by poets to make their poems come alive. We’ll use various images – famous paintings, album artwork, video game images, and more – to guide students in writing poems that are vivid descriptions of a scene.

All About Alliteration

(Grades 3-5)
Teaching students all about one of the most-used figurative language tools: alliteration. During the lesson, Amaker will show examples of alliteration in well-known poems and lead the students in writing their own fun and impactful pieces.

Music Poems

(Grades 5-9)
Use figurative language tools (alliteration, rhyme and repetition) to guide students in writing poems inspired by music. Students will hear examples of spoken word and be given the tools they need to write their own!


(Grades 5-9)
Guide students on a deep understanding of metaphors and how to use them in their writing.

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