This is a small sample of some of the poems written during our workshops. If you’d like to book a poet for your school, please go here.

The Morning by Carielle G.
5th Grade
North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary School
Teacher: Paul Visser

I wake up to my mother yelling my name
to get up. I brush my teeth and the minty smell burns
my eyes.

I go wake up my little brother
shaking him five times
and he starts to whine.

I walk downstairs and stub my toe,
Ow! The burning never stops.
I grab our clothes and go upstairs.
We finally put on our clothes.

I put on my favorite hoodie
it is so warm, I grab my Chromebook
but hesitate and I shove it in my bookbag.

We go downstairs, I grab
a cold drink.
It’s colder than our freezer
and then we walk
to the bus stop.

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